I know, an actual blog post!!

It’s been a busy few months at the studio – so much so that it was pointed out to me that I hadn’t actually managed a blog post since January!  I must admit I tend to do a bit more of the day-to-day sharing of images and updates through Facebook, so here’s a round up of things that have been going on during the seemingly never-ending winter….

Firstly here are a few pieces that I’ve been working on

Big solid leaf pendant

BU Brooch2 100413 004
BU Pendants 100413
Lrg leaf outline pendant

and here are a couple of pieces from the Bournemouth Uni show:

Cuff Jan13 016
Neckpiece Jan13 026

There’s also been some lovely work made by students in the studio over the last few weeks – here are just a couple of pieces:

Tina Rings cropped
Heidi Pendant cropped
CarolC Pendant cropped
Debbie Bangle cropped

I’ll be promoting the classes and workshops that go on at the studio at the Great Wimborne Bake and Craft Sale on Sunday 12th May (more info here) – do pop down and say hi! I’ll have examples of students work, and also the kind of jewellery you can make at a Hen Perty workshop.