Recreational Jewellery Making

From absolute beginner to more experienced maker.

Maximum of six students per group.

Classes can cover all basic bench skills, casting, enamelling, etching, beginners stone setting, press forming and more.

If you are new to working with silver we will start with the basics – soldering, piercing out, riveting etc. Classes are designed to move at a pace that suits you, and as you gain confidence more skills are introduced.

The small class size means lots of one-to-one tuition from experienced, qualified teachers, and a friendly, fun atmosphere to learn in.

£330 for a 12 week term  

New term begins in April

Monday evening 6-9pm with Tony Sanders

Tuesday evening 6-9pm with Emma Leonard

Wednesday evening 6-9pm with Tony Sanders

Thursday evening 6-9pm with Emma Leonard

Alternate Thursdays 10am-5pm (with an hour for lunch) with Emma Leonard


There is a waiting list for spaces on the 12 week terms of classes – if you would like to join in then please get in touch.


Weekend Workshops
A workshop voucher makes a great gift,  or a chance to try out a new skill for yourself. The one day beginners workshops are suitable for someone with no previous experience, and make a great introduction to silversmithing – with a fantastic finished piece to wear home! Please note if you are booking using a gift voucher you will need to contact me directly rather than book online. 


Wax Carving for Casting with Jane Cooper (Hex Cavelli)
One day workshop 10am-5pm £75
Saturday 9th March

I’m pleased to be welcoming Jane from Hex Cavelli to the studio for an introduction to wax carving for casting. This one day workshop will introduce a variety of techniques to allow you to carve waxes ready to be sent for lost wax casting. A great way to expand your making skills and develop your jewellery designs, lost wax casting offers an opportunity to reproduce forms and produce small batches of work. The class covers a range of sculpting processes, advice on preparing the waxes to send to a caster, thinking about design considerations like weight and sprue positioning and how to finish your pieces after they have been cast.
The class fee covers all tools and wax to work on during the day (there will be plenty of time to experiment and refine your waxes). For an additional £40 payable to Jane on the day of the class your wax will be sent to the caster, finished and polished and returned by post to you.
This class either suited to someone who has some silversmithing experience and would like to develop a new skill, or for a beginner who would like a single finished item (in which case the £40 extra option would be essential).

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Make a Spinner Ring – great for beginners.
One day workshop 10am-5pm £75 (plus materials).
Saturday 16th March

Make a fantastic spinner ring in a day – ideal for complete beginners. In this super-popular class you will learn how to form a ring, solder, texture and polish, use chemical patina, and go home wearing your creation. Use hammers to texture or punches to personalise and add designs. There are so many options for different combinations of textures, spinning bands and finishes, each ring is unique – the only difficulty is making a decision what combination to make!

Materials costs vary on the day depending on the size and style of ring made, but as a rough guide allow approx £15

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Simple Silver Rings
One day workshop 10am-2.30pm £45 (plus materials)

Saturday 20th April
Friday 10th May

Come and learn traditional silversmithing skills in this ideal beginners class. Will you make a set of delicate stackers or a single chunky band? Try personalising with a wide range of stamps, add texture with hammers or use formers to create waves and zig zags.

This class introduces a number of basic skills including soldering, and step by step guidance means you go home wearing your own beautiful rings.

Materials costs are payable on the day of the class and vary depending on number and size of rings being made, but as a rough guide allow approx £10 for a single heavy band.

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Pendant PairMake Your Own Patterned Pendant or Earrings
With Heidi Dawson (Heidi Gem Jewellery)
One day workshop 10am-5pm £75 (plus materials)
Saturday 4th May

A great workshop for absolute beginners. You will be introduced to a variety of basic skills including using a piercing saw, soldering and finishing and polishing. The rolling mill can be used to ‘print’ a pattern or texture onto the silver and various shapes can be cut and decoration added to make a beautiful simple pendant or earrings. You can also experiment with using hammers and punches to add texture and patterns, and the use of chemical patina. Statement studs, hoops or dainty drops, whichever you prefer!

This is a really creative day with lots of experimenting – you can work at your own pace and make as many pairs as you would like. The silver you use is weighed at the end of the day, but as a very rough guide allow approx £10-£20 for materials.

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Silver Clay – Inspired by Nature with Grainne Reynolds (Times to Treasure)
One day workshop 10am-5pm £125 (including materials)
Saturday 1st June

Come and make your own solid silver jewellery from silver clay, inspired by nature this fun and informal workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some experience.
In this class we will be using natural forms such as shells, leaves, seed pods and flowers to make moulds and to texture the silver clay. Each student will have the opportunity to make between 1-4 pieces dependant on if they choose to work big or small.
You will learn:
How to make reusable moulds and create texture mats using leaves, seed pods, fossils, shells and feathers etc.
How to use the moulds and textures with silver clay to create a pendant, charms or earrings.
How to refine and tidy your piece for a good finish.
How to fire, polish and patinate your jewellery to highlight detail and make your design pop!
Please note all materials are included in the cost of this class.
Grainne will have a selection on silver ear wires and chains available to purchase as an optional extra, cash or card welcome.

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Make a Bangle 
One day workshop 10am-2.30pm £45 (plus materials)

Saturday 8th June
Friday 28th June

Come and make your own bangle in this great beginners workshop. Experiment with hammers to create textures or use letter punches and decorative stamps to personalise your work. You will try out a range of basic skills including soldering, forming and polishing. You can use press formers to create wavy or geometric outlines.  Choose to make a single bangle or link multiple bands together.

Materials costs vary depending on number and size of bangles being made, but as a rough guide allow approx £30 for a single chunky bangle.

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Make a Cabochon Stone Set Ring
One day workshop 10am-6pm £80 (plus materials)
Saturday 22nd June

Learn how to set a stone and make a beautiful ring in a day. Step by step demos help you to make a ring and set a cabochon gem stone or sea glass in a simple rub-over setting. You will learn how to form and solder your ring shanks, construct a setting, and then how to set and finish your rings. A great introduction to stone setting and a way to introduce colour to your jewellery making. Suitable for beginners wanting to make a one-off piece of lovely jewellery, or someone looking add a new skill to their making.

Materials are extra due to the differing costs of stones etc. Both silver and a selection of stones and sea glass are available at the studio (as a rough estimation allow £10-£15 extra for materials). You are welcome to bring  your own stone if you have one – we will be working with round or oval stones, just contact me if you have any questions.

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*NEW*Textured Chain Bracelet & Toggle Clasp
One day workshop 10am-5pm £75 (plus materials)
Saturday 6th July
Learn how to make a beautiful chain link bracelet complete with handmade T-bar clasp. Step by step demos show you how to form and solder your links, how to use hammers to add texture and how to construct your toggle. A great introduction to traditional silversmithing techniques that is suitable for complete beginners wanting to make a one-off piece of lovely jewellery, or someone looking add new skills to their making.

Materials are payable on the day as costs can vary depending on the weight / size of the chain made, but as a rough guide allow approx £15-£20 for silver.

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*NEW*Colourful Garden Stems with Caroline Parrott
One day workshop 10am-4pm £70 (plus £15 materials)
Saturday 21st September

Create beautiful lightweight garden sculptures using hand printed and coloured aluminium. Spend the morning dyeing and printing your metal, then once the metal is sealed during the lunch break, use your creations to make your own unique garden stems. Learn to use a piercing saw to cut out your shapes and construct your own creation. All processes are fully guided step by step throughout the class. Aluminium is provided for a sculpture approx 15cm wide on a 1m tall weather-proof metal stem ready to be planted in your garden to enjoy!

Please bring an apron and wear old clothes as dyes can stain permanently. There is a £15 material fee payable to Caroline on the day of the workshop.

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Gift vouchers are available and can be customised for any occasion – contact me for more details.